Complete Cloud Freedom

Low Ops for Low-Code

Freedom to Simplify Operations

Modernize Dev and Ops simultaneously, ship solutions faster, and streamline multi-cloud operations. Free your engineers from tedious, repeatable operations.

  • Low Ops

    Make high-impact changes safely and simply with manageable microservice apps.

  • One-click Deployment

    Make multi-cloud manageable with one-click deployment to public, private, and hybrid clouds.

  • Centralized Management

    Keep up to date with patches, monitor logs, and schedule events all in one place.

Cloud Native By Default

Build modern, microservice solutions without specialized expertise. Mendix applications are containerized, portable, scalable, and resilient out of the box. You’re free to deploy anywhere and scale to any size without redesign.

  • Deploy Anywhere

    Run in any environment, any OS, cloud or on-premises. Containerized by default without extra effort.

  • Scale Without Redesign

    Operate efficiently and plan for growth. Prevent painful re-architecting. Stateless, scalable out of the box.

  • Maximize Uptime

    Mission-critical resiliency, instant backup and recovery, and redundant architecture by default.

Mendix Multi-cloud Deployment Options

Minimize operational risk and maximize delivery speed with Low Ops application lifecycle management. Efficient, simple one-click deployments to public, private, and hybrid clouds delight your Operations team.

Mendix Cloud

Mendix Cloud is a cloud native application platform as a service (aPaaS) optimized for Mendix applications. Unleash the power and speed of cloud deployments in a trusted, Mendix managed environment. Avoid the hassle of cloud operations, Mendix Cloud is quickest way to deliver low-code solutions to market.

Mendix for Private Cloud

Mendix for Private Cloud brings Low-Ops application lifecycle management to your own Kubernetes-based (virtual) private cloud. Modernize Dev and Ops together, ship solutions faster, and tackle your development backlog on cutting edge infrastructure.

Mendix Cloud Dedicated

Mendix Cloud Dedicated makes it possible to have a dedicated instance of the Mendix Cloud (cloud native aPaaS). Achieve complete control and isolation of your environment with the simplicity of Mendix managed services on our premier cloud offering.

Cloud Native Portability

Combine low-code with open standards and open source to maximize extensibility and flexibility. Container-based, cloud native by default means operational freedom to run where you need to.