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How Mendix is Partnering with Mansystems and Trainee Factory to Help Fill the Talent Gap

/ May 22, 2017
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CIOs are facing a talent and resourcing challenge in response to high demand for innovative app development. Gartner predicts that, through 2021, market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT capacity to deliver it. Not surprisingly, 66 percent of CIOs believe there is a talent crisis in the world; yet there is surprisingly little talent innovation to be found.

66% of CIOs believe there is a talent crisis in the world, yet there is surprisingly little talent innovation to be found.

In a previous article, we discuss how Mendix’s low-code platform can alleviate the talent gap by enabling a broader range of users to build innovative applications. Using visual models and reusable components, professional developers and business analysts alike can build full-stack applications, including data models, UIs, and logic. Moreover, model-driven development ensures that the business and IT have a common language to collaborate and rapidly test, build and iterate new digital solutions.

In order to accelerate the training of Mendix developers and help our customers and partners close their talent gap, we have partnered with Mansystems and Trainee Factory to offer further hands-on experience beyond our own training. These are the two programs available:

Mansystems Academy

The Mansystems training program, Mansystems Academy, officially launched on May 18th, 2017. This program takes a boot-camp like approach to ramping up developers to work for either a customer or a partner. The training program lasts one year, and begins with the Mendix Introduction Course and the completion of the certification exam. It is then broken down into three phases:

  1. Mendix Boot Camp
  2. Soft Skill and Hard Skill Training
  3. Coaching on the Job

As part of the training, each trainee has a coach that interacts with them on a weekly basis to provide the help and guidance necessary. These interactions taper off as the year goes on and the trainee gets up to speed.

Mendix Academy ScreenshotThe boot camp like training experience consists of an isolated Mendix project that each trainee must complete by bringing into practice everything they learned from the introduction course. Once completed, the trainees will start their career as a Mendix developer at their own employer. During this time trainees get the opportunity to work on customer projects to gain hands-on experience. During this hands-on experience, trainees are still coached by Mansystems trainers.

There are currently 15 trainees participating in the Mansystems Academy. One such developer is Jeroen Appel, Mendix Consultant at Mansystems. Jeroen studied Business IT & Management in university. One of his courses was App Development, which is where he was first introduced to the Mendix Platform. As a current employee of Mansystems, he was introduced to the training academy as a logical next step to further his career.

The key benefit of the training at Mansystems is the immediate availability of a mentor to guide you in the right direction.” – Appel

“The key benefit of the training at Mansystems is the immediate availability of a mentor to guide you in the right direction,” says Appel. “The guidance I received from my mentor helped me become more confident with my first customer project.”

Appel now works for Endemol Shine Group– a global production powerhouse creating world-class content – where he is developing a multimedia platform and performing analytics using Microsoft Azure.

After the training, the developers can continue to extend their knowledge with the Mycademy platform, which hosts materials on topics including SCRUM, UX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and DevOps. Every trainee receives a license for the Mycademy platform upon completion of their training.

Trainee Factory

The Trainee Factory program is a two-month intensive training boot camp that includes training on hard and soft skills of development, as well as the Mendix introduction training. The Trainee Factory program then hires developers to join as full-time, paid employees at a Mendix Customer for 10-12 months. The developers are trained in batches of five to ten in order to ensure that each developer gets the maximum amount of attention and resources that they need.

The training begins with the Mendix online Introduction Course and completion of the Mendix Rapid Developer Exam. The first four weeks of the training are focused on information analysis and requirements analysis. The training also includes SCRUM workshops with the possibility of obtaining the SCRUM PSM 1 certificate. Other soft skills taught during the training are stakeholder management and personal development.

Trainee Factory Screenshot

The second four weeks of the training include the Mendix boot camp, where trainees get hands-on experience and exposure. The first batch of trainees were introduced to CED, a loss adjustment services specialist, where they developed a registration portal in just five weeks. During the boot camp, the trainees simultaneously completed Mendix’s Advanced Training course. With this advanced training, alongside hands-on experience, the trainees are equipped and ready to apply for jobs at different companies.

By the end of May, there will be a total of 25 Mendix developers in the process of completing the Trainee Factory training. Moris Issa is one such Mendix developer who has completed the program and now works on the SCRUM-team at CED. After studying Business IT & Management at Saxon University of Applied Sciences, he entered the Mendix Training program to learn how to build applications without any previous knowledge of traditional programming languages. After the initial Mendix training he continued on through Trainee Factory to get some hands-on experience with the platform.

It is satisfying to see the application mature after each release and to see people understand the benefits of the application.” – Issa

“The training from Trainee Factory has been a great opportunity for me to quickly get Mendix experience and learn everything that comes along with it,” says Issa. “The application I’m proudest of is called Vita, an application used at CED.  I think it’s interesting how we are developing and working together as a team so we can improve the application. It is satisfying to see the application mature after each release and to see people understand the benefits of the application.”

Both of the training programs offer the value of hands-on learning experience to the developers, but also direct value to organizations that need to hire to fill their talent gap. These organizations can bring in properly trained and certified Mendix developers who can get started working on projects immediately.

To get started with the training programs, contact Mansystems Academy or contact Trainee Factory here.

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