New in Mendix 2.4: Internationalization

As of version 2.4, Mendix supports full internationalization of your applications. You can translate your application into the native languages of the end users. Each user can then view the application in their language of choice. This is a big win for portal applications that are accessible to customers and partners all over the world.

Translating an application is facilitated by the Modeler in different ways. You can simply switch to a different language and start translating your forms. To help you, captions are shown in the original language, so that you know what you are translating. A lot of work can be saved by using the batch translate option that can translate one text to another in your complete project. Internationalization was never this easy!

A bonus feature is the batch replace function that allows you to improve the consistency of the texts within one language. It shows you all texts within your project and helps you spot spelling errors. Did you write ‘custmer’ instead of ‘customer’? Batch replace will help you find and correct mistakes like these in no time.