“Here be dragons”

It’s a phrase that connotes the fear of the unknown. In medieval times, mapmakers would illustrate dragons or sea monsters on maps in areas that marked uncharted territory. There are people who heed that phrase, too afraid to venture into uncharted territory. Then there are people who ignore “here be dragons” and welcome the challenge of the unknown.

That’s you.

On April 16-17, Mendix World 2019 will play host to you and thousands of other intrepid and fearless people, those who zealously tackle the challenges of entering the uncharted territory of the future of application development.

To help, we’ve made a map for you. Come to Mendix World 2019 and find an agenda that’s only befitting of the largest low-code event of the year. Over the course of two days, you’ll experience 50+ sessions from speakers all over the globe, from different industries. These sessions are all designed to teach you how to enable every employee to become a developer, capitalize on emerging technology, and produce applications at rates only low-code development could allow.

On the future of Mendix—Keynotes

Across both days, you’ll be hearing from our executives about the future of Mendix and low-code. On Day 1, kicking off a business- and strategy-focused track, CEO Derek Roos will share his vision for Mendix in a keynote that’ll be sure to rock your Mendix socks off. On Day 2, be prepared to get your hands dirty and learn about what makes the Mendix platform tick with Mendix CTO Johan den Haan as he reveals the next generation of Mendix technology. 

Mendix World 2019, animated gif Mendix socks
Pictured: You, before we rock your socks off.

Inclusion in every sense of the word

A successful low-code development program calls for a new way of collaborating, which means involving everyone in your organization. At Mendix World, you’ll get a variety of sessions to explore that give you new ways of enabling collaboration across the business, both from the technical and business perspectives.

You’ll find sessions like “Deliver business value faster by involving more makers” from leaders within the Mendix R&D team and Kirk Lattner, VP of Product Management at eXp Realty. You can learn from this session and others about the importance of creating an environment where everyone in your organization — professional developers to business stakeholders alike — feels valued and empowered to contribute and participate in discussions that will challenge and inspire to develop more and better applications.

With speakers like Lattner and Barrington Clarke, DevOps Lead at Zurich Insurance, or Joost Landman, IT Architect for Rabobank, you’ll hear best practices on how you can decrease your time to value and increase your productivity by involving everyone in your organization.
On Day 1, you’ll see that collaboration and inclusion go beyond your departments. In the session “Solving the IT talent gap” you’ll hear from the Mendix University team on how to bridge academia to the software development industry. Activating all developers means becoming more diverse, as you’ll see in “Leaders of the future by Women in Tech”, a panel moderated by Monic van Aarle, Director of General Business and the Partner Ecosystem at SAP and attended by Mendix executives and other leaders in technology.
On Day 2, you’ll learn how to build apps that matter to ALL users with the session, “Making apps for everyone: Accessibility and inclusive design with Mendix.”

Emerging technologies

Enabling everyone in your organization to create apps for all users is, believe it or not, just the tip of the Mendix World iceberg.

Mendix World 2019, iceberg
Floe-code? Photo by Hubert Neufeld on Unsplash

Discover our sessions on technologies like Azure, robotics process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and how you use low-code in conjunction with these technologies to augment your IT infrastructure and optimize business processes.

In the session, “Build bridges between systems using RPA and Mendix”, you’ll hear from our partners at AuraQ on how they used Mendix and RPA to automate business processes and drive efficiency for their customers.

In “Deliver new customer experiences through Azure cognitive services” hear from Guenda Sciancalepore, a Machine Learning and AI Technical Evangelist from Microsoft, on how easy it is to implement the array of Azure services with Mendix.

And if you really want your organization to navigate to the future of app development, there’s a can’t-miss session on how you can automate the developer experience with AI technology.

App development at scale

When you combine emerging tech with activating an entire workforce to build applications, you’ve discovered a new way for your organization to develop apps. At Mendix World, you’ll hear from some of the world’s largest organizations that are using low-code to build apps at an unprecedented scale.

Learn from our customers and how they acclimated to the world of low-code development and started building apps at scale. Listen to companies like Enexis, who’s currently the keeper of world’s largest Mendix app portfolio; or eXp Realty, who will share how they reached the decision to build a microservices architecture; or the City of Rotterdam, who is using both internal and external resources to set up a low-code Center of Excellence (CoE).

Here’s just a small sample of sessions you’ll get across both days teaching you how to produce apps at scale.

  • Make it scale: Guiding principles for low-code modeling excellence
  • Developing your CoE: How to build your teams from Start to Scale
  • Taking transformation global: DSM’s journey to establishing low-code development across functions, use cases and geographies
  • Meet the keeper of the world’s largest Mendix app portfolio: Enexis

Forget dragons.

Ready to chart your course into the future of app development? We bet you are now! Register for Mendix World now by clicking on the banner below.

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