Tech Updates in Action: Check out our CTO’s Must-see Mendix World Sessions

Tech Updates in Action: Check out our CTO’s Must-see Mendix World Sessions by Johan den Haan

For me, the exciting thing about Mendix World is seeing so many innovative and creative minds gathered together to talk about the impact and potential of low-code. It‘s a technology capable of incredible change – as so many of our customers have proven time and time again.  

And extraordinary change is necessary to adapt. According to Gartner, “in the future state, the application experience becomes an active, role-centric assembly of business capabilities to dynamically reflect an organization’s differentiated business practices.” The market is moving beyond a more traditional business model to a networked economy and organizations that establish themselves within a thriving digital ecosystem will define what success looks like in this exciting future.  

In my keynote, I introduced several exciting updates to the Mendix Platform. These services and features will help you keep ahead of the relentless pace of change in an ever-evolving world.  

How we define a booming business is changing and the long-standing demand for new solutions and applications in the enterprise continues to increase exponentially. To meet that need, you need to be able to build and deploy applications faster than ever before. That means moving far beyond building software from scratch (even with low-code tools) or starting from basic templates.  

The latest enhancements to the Platform were designed to make the process of building intelligent solutions easier and faster for all makers – from people in the line of business to tenured professional developers. Extended App Services, reusable components, AI-supported building assistance, and adaptable solution templates barely scrape the surface of the incredible work the Mendix R&D team has been doing.  

But don’t just take my word for it – here are some Mendix World sessions showcasing the new capabilities and services I talked about in my keynote – some are deep-dives into the tech and others shine the light on customers who are succeeding with Mendix in these areas.  

And don’t miss my live AMA on the Mendix product roadmap today at 11:40 am EDT – I hope you show up armed with stacks of questions from watching the incredible makers featured in the sessions below.  

Assemble from the ecosystem 

Solutions Platform and AppServices  

App Services  

Assemble your makers 


Control Center 

Assemble the right apps quickly 

Next-Level Front-End 

Studio Pro Experience 

Assemble your enterprise 

Data Hub  

Intelligent Automation  

Hybrid Cloud Automation