The story of one digital enterprise [infographic]

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The story of one digital enterprise [infographic]

The story of one digital enterprise [infographic] by Mendix

Like many others, there’s probably a war raging within your business. The digitally-savvy consumer has changed the market landscape and we’re all racing to adapt our roles, our processes, even our business models. One thing has become very clear – act now or lose to the ever-growing number of digitally-native providers.

And this urgency is felt across all teams – from your commercial groups who demand more digital products and services, to your IT colleagues who seem bogged down by the mountain of projects and tighter timelines for delivery.

And while the projects may differ by business, the reason to innovate is the same. Businesses now compete through applications that delight customers and support employees. But to truly compete in the market, you need to move fast.

Enter the concept of the rapid app wars. Demand is growing, IT is lagging, and backlogs remain. It’s a dreary story – but one that is a reality for many businesses today. In fact, 71% of IT teams cannot meet business demand for new apps.

And this challenge has led many business groups to fend for themselves. According to Gartner, 50% of IT spending will come from other departments. While the business may see this as a viable option, it’s unlikely that they’ve considered the security, performance, or maintenance associated with these unsanctioned solutions.

So the rapid app wars continue, and will continue until business and IT groups find a way to work together. Enter the rapid app development platform. Driven by a new breed of developer, these platforms are helping organizations to quickly deliver apps that meet challenges today, and can be scaled and adapted to fit problems tomorrow.

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