Enterprise Application Platform with Integrated Security Capabilities

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The Mendix platform is uniquely designed to support rapid, iterative development by a broad range of users while ensuring that IT retains the control they require. Mendix offers the only high productivity aPaaS environment built on a modern, open cloud-architecture for scalability and the freedom to deploy production systems on virtually any infrastructure.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Mendix includes comprehensive, enterprise-grade security features for applications security, identity management, device-side authentication, user and role-based platform access and cloud security, including intrusion detection.

"Security was a major concern of ours. After building our first app, we hired a third-party security firm to perform a vulnerability assessment. Their comment was that our app (built on Mendix, and hosted by Mendix) was one of the most secure apps they'd ever come across. This gives us an incredible sense of confidence as we continue to roll out apps to our customers."

Lennox Brown, Chief Information Officer, Analogic
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Scalability and Availability

Our advanced server architecture supports on-demand vertical and horizontal scaling, while our public cloud provides self-service scaling and is highly available (HA) by default. A hot failover option is available, with a failover latency of 90 seconds and 99.999% uptime.

Cloud Portability

Built on Cloud Foundry, Mendix provides the freedom to deploy production systems on virtually any cloud-based or on-premises infrastructure, including the Mendix public cloud, any Cloud Foundry environment (IBM Cloud, Pivotal and SAP HCP), virtual private clouds, Docker containers or VMs.

Deploy applications on industry-leading cloud platforms:

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App Deployment and Management

App Deployment and Management

Mendix supports 1-click app deployment with over-the-air app updates and hot deployments of UI changes. In addition, we work with EMM/MAM solutions such as Good Technology and OneGini.

Software Quality

Mendix includes the market’s most comprehensive set of software quality tools, from unit and integration testing, performance testing and an exclusive quality monitoring tool that score for the maintainability of applications as they’re being built.

Open and Extensible

Unlike other high productivity platforms, Mendix protects your investment in model-driven development and ensures that your developers will never hit a wall when delivering app functionality with custom Java, Scala, JavaScript, and API hooks into every aspect of the platform. In addition, the platform is designed to fit within your existing IT operational environment with best in class integration capabilities to all of your back end systems.

Open Standards

(Cloud Foundry, BPMN, SAML2, ADFS, etc.)

Open Models

Open Models


Open Data

Open Data

(OData, SQL)

Platform Extensibility

Platform Extensibility

(Platform API)

App Extensibility

App Extensibility

(JavaScript, Java, Scala)