Executive Brief: Make w/ More

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Let the business build.

Gartner predicts that the demand for apps will grow 5x faster than the capability to deliver them. With software developer unemployment rates at a low of 1.9%, the question is where do you find the talent to help you keep up with demand?

The answer? Look outside of IT.

Keep up with the increasing app demand by tapping into the unlimited potential of citizen developers, tech-savvy people that see business problems and tackle them with software solutions.

Make ideas happen

Download this executive brief on citizen developers and you’ll learn:

  • How you can make with more. Activate your citizen developers to help bring their ideas to life and to help you shoulder the increasing demand for more apps.
  • The importance of guardrails. Governance doesn’t have to be a hindrance. Set up the appropriate guardrails for your business users and professional developers to solve problems together.
  • How Mendix can help. Strike the right balance between enabling the business and ensuring compliance and security.