Evolution of Technology with Low-code

from Digital Transformation to Execution

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As pioneers in the world of technology, we recognize the importance of constantly searching for revolutionary tools to maintain a competitive edge in the market and accomplish business objectives. This is where Mendix can provide advantages for our clients.

This on-demand webinar was conducted in collaboration with ETCIO.com. During this webinar, we delved into the fascinating world of low-code technology and its role in driving digital transformation. Mendix senior expert Harsha explored the advanced technology of generative AI and machine learning (ML) and revealed how Mendix 10 takes application development to new heights.

Topics covered:

  • How the Mendix low-code platform is transforming the way organizations build apps
  • The power of generative Al and machine learning in app development
  • Best practices for accelerating your organization’s digital journey with Mendix 10

Presenter: Harsha Shetty, Presales Head – India and South Asia, Mendix