CAPE’s Charter Portal System

Extorama assists in developing an advanced communication flow that enhances the driver experience, letting the chauffeur take instant pictures and exchange crucial information with the remote center along with allowing freight dispatch monitoring.

The dispatch apps provide effective dispatch management to regulate any installations, repairs, and maintenance needs. Fast and hassle-free payment procedure that does not require the involvement of permanent or freelance truck drivers.

Additional Solution Capabilities

  • Easy integration with other systems

    Extorama is a tool which can seamlessly fit into your systems landscape

  • Easy exchange of loading documents such as CMR

    The chauffeur can take a picture with it’s smartphone and exchange it together with the order information back to you.

  • Log arrival and departure times and calculate waiting time

    By gaining insight into the actual time per customer, you can add the additional time to the invoice

  • Automated invoicing to the charters

    You can automatically generate credit invoices and pay your charters without their administrative support.

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