Holistic Health Platform for Employees

Liftaware is a low-code solution with efficient features and tools to build improved cooperation and an enthusiastic environment promoting the better health of the employees. It has a user-friendly interface so that everyone can use it.

The platform is developed with creative interfaces like gamification to keep the process engaging and rewarding. With Liftaware analytics, find out what you can do to improve vitality and prevent sickness and turnover. The ROI far exceeds the investment.

  • Your Personal Homepage

    Your health overview showing your planned workouts, progress, chats, passions and your interactive daily feed.

  • Physical Health

    Easy and accessible tools for a healthier diet, workouts, physiotherapy and even professional coaching.

  • Mental Health

    Chat and videocall with accredited mental health coaches and track your personal progress.

  • Social Health

    Create events and join ‘Communities of Passion’ to truly connect with your colleagues.

Additional Solution Capabilities

  • A holistic approach to health

    People want to be healthy, but having 8 different apps for food, workouts, coaching is not motivating.
    With our all-in-one platform, we maximize healthy changes.

  • We made it fun

    The association with health should be enthusing, instead of tiresome. Create challenges, rewards and share progress. With Gamification, we encourage people to invest in themselves

  • Health is for everyone

    Everyone deserves good health. Liftaware is built so every person, from every age group can easily use our tools.

  • Engagement is a strategic goal

    Oftentimes, ‘social cohesion’ and ‘belonging’ in organizations is overlooked. We consider social cohesion crucial to improved cooperation and happiness. Our social focus strengthens your organization.

  • Investing in your people equals investing in your company.

    With Liftaware analytics, find out what you can do to improve vitality and prevent sickness and turnover. The ROI far exceeds the investment.

  • Your vitality is our priority

    Liftaware helps companies achieve better vitality, happiness and results. Based on our market experience, our custom advice brings your organization to the next level.

Seamlessly integrate with products from leading providers.

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