Policysense Distribution

Streamline onboarding, compensation, and performance management.

Policysense Distribution is a cutting-edge cloud-native suite designed to streamline the management of your company’s channel across three crucial layers: onboarding, compensation, and performance management.

Reduce the time required for channel management by leveraging its low-code foundation. It automates compensation calculations, simplifies incentive administration, and enables hierarchical distribution networks, reducing time for channel management. With intuitive control panels, you can effortlessly monitor and measure the channel’s real-time performance while simultaneously reducing costs and mitigating risks.

Additional Solution Capabilities

  • Architecture for insurance

    With the knowledge and experience of creating solutions for the insurance industry, its products, processes and practices in more than 20 countries. Agile implementations and assisted by our experts.

  • Policysense Solutions

    Policysense components can be purchased separately or together, and are easily integrated with your IT ecosystem.

  • Reduce your Cost

    Policysense is a cloud native suite, 100% based on low-code that is implemented at measure, under SaaS model with monthly payments for use, and no need IT infrastructure.

  • AX- Self services portals

    Self-service portal and digital workflows for all your channels needs.

  • Agent levels and onboarding

    Configure different conditions, including commissions, according to the career plan for your agents.

  • Policysense Kernel

    It provides common services (Portals, Workflows, Secure message center, User Management, Teamwork and others) for the entire suite, It is included in all Policysense subscriptions.

Digitally connected, with 100% automated self-service through digital quote forms and underwriting based on configurable rules.

  • Significantly reduces channel management time

    • Automatically ensure that your channels are complying with all required laws and regulations.
  • Increases your sales

    • Full multi-channel management
    • Make sales completely online
  • Reduces your costs

    • Digital tracking
    • Increases the productivity of sales channels
    • Savings in operating costs
  • Minimizes risk

    • Extract intelligence from system data
    • 360 vision of the client

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