qDataOps - Predictive Quality management

Never compromise between speed or quality and track all the quality metrics with the most intuitive and easy to use quality control software for manufacturing firms.

qDataOps-Predictive Quality Management is an innovative low-code solution that guarantees seamless automated data integration with your company’s ERP and MES systems, such as SAP and EPICOR. It empowers efficient relationship management by providing a centralized view of quality checks at both client and supplier levels.

With its pre-built quality inspection capabilities aligned with ISO standards, qDataOps-Predictive Quality Management ensures adherence to stringent quality requirements. This solution enhances company performance with real-time quality dashboards and empowers continuous improvement through preventive measures and data-driven actions.

  • Quality Control Command Center

    qDataOps enables a comprehensive view of your entire quality process. Assess critical production metrics, automate workflows and their owners all in one dashboard. With automated quality alerts, your quality checks are streamlined and pre-scheduled.

  • Quality Inspection Designer

    Design and execute customized inspections at every stage of the production lifecycle, from procuring raw materials to shipping finished goods. Gain actionable insights by designing workflows, defect parameters, and action protocols tailored to your needs.

  • Real-time Quality Dashboards

    Ensure your key players receive real-time updates on defects with actionable insights rather than just data noise. Ensure preventive and proactive decision-making by leveraging the visibility of quality metrics at the plant and further at the line level.

  • Quality Mobile App

    Your quality auditors are always on the move therefore it’s crucial for them to have a digital interface at the tip of their fingers. Our mobile application allows them to conduct real-time defect inspections and analysis.

Additional Solution Capabilities

  • Pre-built Quality Inspections as per ISO Standards

    Ensure ISO compliance for textiles, chemicals, medical devices, or other manufacturers

  • Quality Master Data Management

    Capture every vital information pertaining to defects and parameters in production

  • Automated Data Integration

    Integrate data with your ERP and MES systems like SAP and EPICOR with ease

  • Vendor Scoring

    Centralized view of quality checks at the client & supplier level to ensure effective relationship management

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