Repair Manager

The all-in-one platform for motor repair management

What if you could have all the tools to manage your repairs in one place?

  • Distribute

    Automate the matchmaking between damages and the most optimal body shop:

    • Implement business rules for distributing damages to eliminate manual actions.
    • Easily adapt to changing circumstances (agreements, quotas, new vehicle brands, qualifications, etc.).
    • Prioritize body shops based on weighted scores on KPIs that matter to you. Predict the impact of your distribution settings on KPIs.
  • Manage

    Map all relevant aspects of your network to create the optimal network composition:

    • Collect and store all relevant body shop data in one centralized database.
    • Optimize the composition of your network based on body shop performance and developments in your repair portfolio.
    • Allow your network partners to manage their own profiles. Add specific data or variables that are important to your company
  • Optimize

    Optimize the performance of your network partners by giving them real-time insight in performance and benchmarks:

    • Get detailed real-time insights into relevant aspects of your repair portfolio, such as repair cost insights, process insights, key-to-key times, and many more.
    • See insights on various levels such as body shop, chain, vehicle brand, driveline, etc.
    • Create and share scorecards per body shop to provide insight into performance and promote desired behavior.
    • Connect other data sources to create even more insights

The heart of our solution:

The true performance comparison model.

See how body shops really perform with the use of our machine-learning models.

  • Compare true cost performance of your network partners
  • Get insight into true performance on other KPIs such as sustainability of repair, waiting times and key-to-key times
  • Use insights to optimise network composition, performance and repair distribution

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