Shopfloor Optimizer

Track Work-In-Progress, improve On-Time-Delivery and resource utilization with a mobile application connected to ERP and machine. Instant communication with all departments supporting production. Embedded analytics for quicker management decisions.


Short term planning

Automatically assign your resource (machine and operator) to operations based on actual capacity and competences.


Activity tracking

Record operation duration (setup, execution), quantities (yield, scrap, rework), reason for non-quality and downtimes.


Continuous Improvement

Production stoppages are processed by the support departments with actions plan and audits.

KPIs & Dashboards

KPIs & dashboards

Efficiency (OEE), Maintenance (MTTR, MTBF, Availability), non-quality rates, production volume, On-time delivery, workload, downtimes

Additional Solution Capabilities

  • Connectivity to machines

    Retrieve produced quantities and machine states using a webservice connector. Extra customization is possible to meet your specific machines.

  • Bi-directional ERP connection

    Retrieve the production order details and provide the quantities and time spent back to your ERP using webservices.

  • User Experience

    Using Mobile or desktop, your operators, managers and support department members can share information quicker on a user-friendly platform

Seamlessly integrate with products from leading providers.

  • SAP S/4 HANA

    Next-generation processes, backed by AI, connect and manage your business across the enterprise.

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