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Mendix Institutional Onboarding

Modernize onboarding business customers by fully digitizing information capture, KYC, product selection, and contract signatures.

Take components and reuse in other Mendix projects. Get more done faster and cheaper.

Seamlessly transition between your sales, IT, and support teams in a single application

Make a Good First Impression

Your customer’s first digital experience with your financial institution should set a high standard. Mendix’s Institutional Onboarding provides a smooth experience for your team and your business customers.

Modernize Processes

Eliminate paper forms and documents while consolidating access to multiple onboarding platforms into a single application that provides outstanding digital experience.

Create Seamless Workflows

The Mendix ecosystem provides integration to connectors that allow for customer identity and corporate verification, DocuSign, and document sharing. This application takes complex onboarding processes and seamlessly creates a workflow that can be configured to your institution’s requirements.

Institutional Onboarding App Capabilities

  • Consolidate access to back-office platforms

    Onboarding businesses requires collecting corporate and individual information, legal document processing, and product selection. Each may live in a separate platform that makes onboarding a difficult and lengthy process. This Mendix template makes it seamless to connect to internal platforms to accelerate onboarding your customers.

  • Improve digital experiences

    Mendix enables your team to design an outstanding digital experience for your team and customers. Mendix makes it easy to maintain an exceptional digital experience by making it simple to update the U.I. and workflows as you continuously improve your onboarding platform.

  • Modify to suit your needs

    The Mendix application development Platform helps your team easily modify the template to improve your processes or fully digitize pre-existing paper processes. Update workflows and add approvals for any stage of the onboarding process.

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