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Mendix Compliance Complaint Tracker

Low code integration provides a 100% dependable complaint management system by interweaving a single portal, eliminating numerous spreadsheets. The duration for tracking and auditing is decreased significantly with readily generated complaint resolution records.

Increase efficiencies for your teams with Mendix's modern application platform

Consolidate to Single Portal

This single portal for managing customer complaints will allow the company to move to a modern application and away from chaotic spreadsheets and email.

Reduce Burden on Your Teams

Enhance compliance with government regulations with this template that reduces the burden on your teams to manage the lifecycle of each customer complaint.

Reduce Audit Response Times

Responding to audit inquiries is made easy with customer complaint reports that can be produced rapidly to demonstrate record of assessing and resolving customer complaints in a timely manner.

Compliance Complaint Tracker Application Capabilities

  • Eliminate Spreadsheets and Email Chaos

    Too frequently financial institutions use these tools as stop gap measures in a process that demands a modern application that all team members can access to resolve customer complaints.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Wrap around and integrate with core systems in real-time. Import/export to primary compliance platform. Mendix works with all cloud providers and offers a suite of integrations with intelligent automation solutions.

  • Easy to Extend and Modify

    Rapid application development means updating components is easy and fast. IT governance processes are built-in, accelerating time to market. Execute A/B testing activities while expending just incremental development effort.

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