Let Low-code Lead the Way for Your Sustainability Initiatives

Mendix and its partners help make your ESG and circularity goals a reality

Achieve your sustainability goals without sacrificing your business goals

Manufacturers understand that sustainability is no longer a commendable goal—it’s a vital necessity.  Sustainability and ESG initiatives, however, need a great deal of support. They come with stringent reporting and compliance requirements. They depend on extensive linking and analysis of data. And they often require the incorporation of new manufacturing methods and technology.

Mendix is the perfect solution for supporting your sustainability initiatives. Mendix and its partners offer the support you need to connect technologies, data, processes, tasks, and human interactions across the breadth of your initiative. With everything and everyone pulling in the same direction, you can achieve your net zero goals while still meeting your growth and revenue expectations.

Gain transparency

Without full transparency throughout the organization of your sustainability initiative’s goals and progress, it can sputter and fall short. With our Sustaira application templates, you can quickly and easily build trackers, calculators, dashboards, and workforce engagement surveys that let everyone know exactly where the initiative is going and what it needs to get there.

Reduce resources

The World Economic Forum estimated that the wider adoption of digital technologies could cut global emissions by 15%. Our partnership with digital transformation leader Atos will help you maximize the efficiency of your sustainability initiatives.

Not only will it accelerate your development of solutions and your integration of new technologies such as cloud infrastructure and low-code, but it will drastically reduce the resources needed for supporting your full-code development cycles and maintaining your hardware and infrastructure maintenance.

Eliminate silos

For a sustainability initiative to be successful, every link in the manufacturing value chain needs to work in concert.

The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, when extended and personalized with Mendix, ties together people, processes, and systems from your engineering technologies, information technologies, and operational technologies. It ensures everyone is pursuing their tasks with shared processes while moving toward a shared goal and measuring their progress with shared metrics.

Become a Composable Enterprise

Composability helps support your sustainability initiatives by greatly reducing the resources needed to develop applications. The Mendix platform empowers you to become a Composable Enterprise by letting you build your apps from reusable, module low-code components, cutting the energy expenditures of your development cycle.

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