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Development Or Production, That Was The Question

on May 22, 2013


Today we want to highlight a widget that has been submitted to the Mendix App Store: Environment Badges. The widget helps you figure out what environment you are looking at (development, test, acceptance or production) by showing a badge in the upper-right corner. Never make the mistake of editing production data again!

This is obviously a development environment.

This is obviously a development environment.

The widget needs no configuration; it simply depends on the value of the ‘RuntimeMode’ attribute of the entity ‘LicenseInformation’ in the system module. This attribute get its value from the license that is available.

Development or production, that was the question, but not anymore. Thanks to Herman Geldenhuys of DVT for developing this widget!

You can download the widget Environment Badges from the Mendix App Store.


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RSS Feed of the Mendix Blog
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