Aligning Your Enterprise for Low-Code Success at Scale with Dutch Railways

As the busiest rail network in the European Union, Dutch Railways (NS), started a journey three years ago to become an agile organization and transform from a traditional railway operator to a provider of digital and physical mobility services. At the onset, NS faced challenges finding solutions that were flexible enough for their business and thus had difficulty getting solutions into market quickly to adapt to changing traveler needs. Based on their unique business needs, NS sought out a low-code platform so that they could build their own solutions quickly and at a lower cost. Hear about the NS transformation from consultants Andrew Whalen and Sanne van der Lelij on how they are:

  • Scaling their portfolio, which includes over 40 applications, with a delivery timeline that is 3-6 times faster than their traditional modes of development.
  • Ensuring success with the creation of a low-code DevOps team.
  • Better serving both employees and customers with applications that range from managing logistics, stations, maintenance, finance, and planning.