How Low-Code Supports Agile Software Development


With increased demand from the business for custom applications, IT leaders are under pressure to deliver successful applications with proven business value at speed. To address this challenge, many are turning to agile development. It is widely accepted that if used correctly, agile development can contribute to positive outcomes in app development projects. Research from the Standish Group shows that, particularly for medium and large projects, the failure rate for agile projects is half that of waterfall projects.

However, while collaboration between stakeholders, users and IT is at the core of Agile, business teams and developers tend to think and speak different languages. Download this executive brief to discover how low-code platforms can enhance the success of agile development and ensure that applications are meeting business demand.

Gain insight into:

  • How to successfully implement agile into your development team
  • How to overcome communication barriers for successful collaboration
  • What to look for in low-code platforms to facilitate an agile app development approach