“Let’s combine real and digital worlds for a sustainable tomorrow.”

This is the message that Siemens—parent company of Mendix—is bringing to Hannover Messe 2022, the largest international gathering of industrial leaders. The message is inspired by the company’s experiences and the successes of its customers. It is a reminder that no matter if you’re manufacturing products that roll off the factory floor or coding up applications that zip through the cloud, the goal is the same: to create something that is going to make the world a better place to live in.

Hannover Messe runs from May 30th to June 2nd. It’s a free event that you can attend in-person or virtually. Mendix, an integral part of the Siemens manufacturing portfolio, will be at Hannover Messe to showcase how we’re helping manufacturers build a sustainable tomorrow through the power of low-code. You’ll find us sharing our expertise, telling our use case stories, laying out customer scenarios, and putting on demos at two different areas of the event: the Sustainability & Profitability satellite and the Transparency & Speed satellite.

Sustainability & Profitability

Sustainability is simple to understand, with clear and straightforward benefits for your customers and your company. But the path to sustainability can be long, winding, and branching. And keeping to that path without ever losing sight of your need to build and nurture a successful business can make for a complicated journey. With Mendix, you can transform your sustainability goals into achievable and profitable programs.

Mendix, alongside sustainability application platform Sustaira, will be sharing use cases at Hannover Messe that demonstrate how low-code helps ease the complexity of striving for both sustainability and profitability. By helping you weave together data and insights from sustainability initiatives across your organization, Mendix keeps everyone in the company informed and in step. Imagine a company-wide sustainability portal, built from simple-to-use low-code apps, that can:

  • Define corporate sustainability goals
  • Track KPIs
  • Engage employees through gamification
  • Allow for personalization for individual users.

Transparency & Speed

Manufacturers never have a moment to breathe. They need to match the tireless pace of the changing marketplace, while still taking pains to create high-quality products and squeeze every possible efficiency out of their plants. The only way to keep pushing forward so relentlessly without ever missing out on dotting an i or crossing a t is to have quick and ready access to data that is reliable, holistic, transparent, and up-to-date.

Mendix gives you the tools to pull all the right data from all the right places, connecting and transforming key operations across your enterprise. With the intuitive Mendix low-code application platform, domain experts across your organization can create apps to access the data they need and share the data they have. You’ll gain full insight into your products and production, with a seamless edge to your cloud portfolio. At our Transparency & Speed booth, we’ll show you how to build a data-sharing infrastructure for connecting providers and producers. And we’ll fill you in on real-world examples of companies just like yours using Mendix to find the best solutions for their digital transformation challenges.

Taking the stage

Mendix has long partnered with AWS to bring the value of low-code from the top floor to the shop floor. On Tuesday, May 31, you can head over to the AWS Stage to see a demonstration, led by Raffaello Lepratti, Mendix vice president of industrial manufacturing cloud, and Philipp Lutz, Siemens IT business partner for low-code and RPA, of a Mendix low-code material supply manager app.

We hope that you’ve registered to attend Hannover Messe 2022 and that you’ll make plans to stop by our booths, engage with our experts, and see us on stage. Most of all, we hope you’ll be inspired by what you hear at the event to join us in building a sustainable tomorrow.