How to Make Change a Strategy at Your Organization

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How to Make Change a Strategy at Your Organization

/ June 3, 2013

Today’s most successful companies are making automation and adaptability a valuable part of their application delivery model – but how do you make change a strategy? Join us on June 25 at 11:00am EDT for a complementary webinar featuring one of the world’s foremost providers of technology consulting, Capgemini. Delivery Manager Emerging Solutions, Jasper Koeleman, and Business Innovation Thought Leader, Arjan Hendriksen, will address how Capgemini enables its customers to incorporate the ability to change into their DNA.

Enterprise development teams are challenged to get more applications out of their existing resources faster, and extend large ERP implementations with differentiating applications. This new breed of high-value, quick-to-market business applications are changing the thought-process behind enabling business units. It’s no longer enough to maintain and support business units, development teams can now propel the business forward with applications. In order to do so, a framework centered on automation and adaptability is essential.

In this webinar we’ll learn how experts at Capgemini are using a new breed of delivery model and application Platform-as-a-Service to jumpstart new business initiatives and overcome common barriers like complex integration scenarios, siloed data sources, legacy systems, and budget constraints. Unlike behemoth ERP systems that keep the business up and running on a day to day basis, these solutions are differentiating, quick, and if done right, can rapidly achieve a significant return.

Last year in his Mendix World keynote, Capgemini chief technology officer Ron Tolido provided a fitting metaphor for these ‘agile’ applications. While massive ERP systems are indispensable for executing commoditized processes, they are the “trains and buses” of the enterprise because they do one thing at a high volume, and they do it well. Enterprises today, he explained further, need cars and scooters to get to their final destination (the center of Rome in this case) – the differentiating applications that fit perfectly into new business processes and competitive needs. These applications are agile, adaptable, and require a very different delivery model than buses and trains.

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