Improving Our Platform One User-Driven Feature At a Time

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Improving Our Platform One User-Driven Feature At a Time

/ November 25, 2013

Beloved community! Thank you for your steady stream of feedback on the Mendix App Platform. Besides building great new features, like layouts and App Services in Mendix 5, your input allows us to build countless small but convenient features. Hopefully, these features make Mendix a breeze to work with, so you can turn your great ideas into great products.

Usually we ‘just ship’ these improvements with our releases without highlighting them. But we want you to know that you are being heard! Here are some cherry-picked user-driven enhancements which were part of our latest releases:

  • Enhanced capture page to include story IDs
  • Improved drag and drop: Stories expand more smoothly and the order is no longer altered when dragging or importing multiple stories
  • The toolbar on the capture page (optionally) sticks to the screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added, and are listed on the bottom of the capture screen
  • Export archived sprints to Excel
  • Easily navigate from notifications to feedback items
  • Project invitation wizards display role permission information
  • Improved app service publication wizard and management screens
  • The invite wizard no longer shows inactive colleagues
  • YouTube movies are embedded with a larger, more convenient size
pin toolbar – show story id’s – show shortcuts

Note that these issues where all based in your input! So, thanks and keep the feedback coming! We are especially interested in small ‘quick-wins’. We will keep improving our product by building both new features and enhancing existing ones!

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