Mammoet provides engineered heavy lifting services to customers in the energy, construction, mining and maritime sectors. It uses a range of equipment including cranes, specialized trailers, gantry systems and more to move heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Moving to digital work orders

The management processes surrounding the maintenance of trucks and cranes were primarily paper-based. But with some 35,000 maintenance orders being created annually around the globe, locating files and key information held within them was becoming cumbersome and inefficient. In addition, enhanced visibility and transparency became increasingly vital. So, the decision was made to build a digital work order solution.

Mammoet worked with Mendix and its partners to build the application on the low-code development Platform. This took just eight weeks, including integration into Mammoet’s SAP environment (25+ SAP Odata services) to ensure a single and up-to-date source of information across the business.

Mendix Field Service Management suite

The Mendix FSM suite is a comprehensive and integrated set of field service management software applications enabling the digital transformation of FSM operations. The suite is cloud-based. Each application is adaptive, flexible, and scalable to meet each customers’ requirements.

Easy to use, easy to adapt

The transition from the old to the new way of working has been highly successful. Mechanics and other stakeholders were involved from the beginning of the project and as a result, the application is so intuitive, Mammoet is able to fully train mechanics on it in just a couple of hours. And because the application is built on Mendix, it can be molded to accommodate any desired enhancements in just days or weeks, rather than in the months or years it might take in traditional code-based software environments.

Productivity boost

The most important result of the application is a 30% improvement in maintenance engineer productivity, primarily as a result of the user-friendly application that instantly updates SAP. With the Mendix FSM digital work order application, mechanics work less on administration and more on Mammoet’s equipment.