Mendix World Diamond Sponsor Spotlight: Atos – Working Together with Low-Code

When you talk to Arjan van Gompel, two things come across. One, he’s done it all in IT. He has spent 25 years at Atos, the global leader in secure and decarbonized digital. Atos offers market-leading solutions and services like app modernization, cloud, architecture and development—the full scope of IT. Arjan has been involved in that full spectrum. For the last three-and-a-half years, though, he’s managed a sizeable team of low-code specialists located across the globe.

The other thing that comes across when you speak with Arjan? His passion for “working together.” Arjan sees low-code as an exceptional way to get IT to work together with the business — and for an organization to work together with its customers. Finally, Arjan sees Mendix World 2021 as the ultimate way to connect in the low-code community.

You can see Arjan and Atos at Mendix World 2021’s virtual show floor, where they want to connect with you and see how you can work together to solve the IT problems you encounter with low-code development.

Who is Atos?

It’s probably easier to answer the question “What can’t Atos do?” Because Atos helps its clients solve a broad range of IT challenges. Need application development? Atos. Legacy modernization? Atos. Infrastructure? Atos. Application management? Atos. IoT solutions? Atos. Industrial solutions? Atos. Innovation development? Yes—you guessed it—Atos.

Arjan’s team of low-code specialists uses Mendix to solve this broad range of problems. Arjan and his team have used the Mendix Platform to modernize line-of-business applications that are mission-critical but cannot meet the needs of today’s fast-paced, always-on business world.

To him, Mendix’s biggest strength is the way it works well together with other systems. Mendix has out-of-the-box third-party integrations that make connecting to core systems like SAP painless. Mendix was designed with Scrum in mind, so it’s easy to go Agile and collaborate with those setting the requirements. The same goes for revamping a business process that requires connection to core systems.

Some of the use cases Arjan and his team have implemented—and some of which they’ll talk about at Mendix World—are modernizing legacy apps; developing new business processes; field support applications built on top of SAP; connecting Mendix to Siemens MindSphere and other industrial software; and replacing Excel-based processes. To Arjan, the value of working with Atos and its low-code gurus is the time-to-market speed you gain. Simply: you deliver apps more quickly.

One recent application that Arjan is particularly proud of is building an offline-first app for a large food and beverage company. This application works across a range of devices and supports engineers in their daily maintenance activities like route and materials planning.

Another example is the work that Arjan and his team are doing for Siemens. They provide strategic services to support Siemens’ “Mendix-first” approach to app development and modernization, and also help dramatically accelerate app development using Mendix to build customer-specific IoT apps on the MindSphere platform.

Visit Atos at Mendix World

When asked why someone should go to Mendix World, Arjan alluded to the pandemic that forced most to work from home. “Working from home, you get tunnel vision. The connections you make are functional. At Mendix World, you have easy access to people you wouldn’t necessarily connect with. It’s everyone in the community coming together. You can see what the vendors and partners are all capable of.”

If that wasn’t enticing enough to catch Atos at Mendix World, perhaps the opportunity to hear from them one-on-one about what their customers are doing with low-code is.

But Arjan best sums up why you should come to Mendix World and see Atos:

“Atos is about creating innovative solutions to so many different business and technology challenges. If you have a problem you need help overcoming, drop by.”

We hope you can drop by, too. And you can, Just click the banner below and register for free.