Nagarro Uses Mendix Technology to Centralize & Scale POS Data

One of India’s largest watch and accessory brands faced a huge problem. Legacy point of sale (POS) set-ups and old-fashioned processes made the business less efficient.

The business used a Microsoft ERP to collect POS data from stores all over the subcontinent. Each location manually reconciled and consolidated the totals at the end of each day. This caused delays, data errors, and missed opportunities.

The brand sought a modern, scalable technology solution, including:

  • Easy deployment

  • Full lifecycle governance

After an initial discussion with Mendix and Mendix partner Nagarro, the client decided on a low-code plan. Step 1 was to centralize their service-based POS transaction data. Next, they planned to roll out the updated technology to their 1,000 retail stores.

Further goals included:

  • Ensuring an efficient store-based user experience

  • Optimizing other processes in finance and inventory for speed, efficiency, and accessibility

Addressing POS challenges with Mendix

The first step for Nagarro and Mendix was understanding the retailer’s pain points and required functionality. This audit revealed four key points:

  1. Inefficient, error-prone processes delaying access to important retail- and service-based data

  2. Poor access to critical data impacting the speed and quality of planning

  3. The POS interface needed a user experience upgrade

  4. The client needed a secure cloud-based solution to ensure centralized data access

Using Mendix to capture retail and service POS data

Nagarro used Mendix to build an application that allows the retailer to understand and securely connect its data sources. They integrated POS data from different business functions using the following modules:

  • Job order management

  • Inventory management

  • Billing and invoicing

  • Financial accounting

These modules ensured a comprehensive view of service-based transactions.

Nagarro’s five-person team worked with the retailer, creating a deployment-ready solution on the Mendix platform in just ten months. Mendix’s cloud-native, containerized, and scalable development options made this possible.

Providing access to each day’s centralized POS data lead to quicker strategic decisions. The retailer also had improved access to third-party tools such as SAP, Loyalty Platform, Quicksilver, and WhatsApp. This simplified data manipulation, collaboration, and more.

Why Mendix?

With the Mendix platform, the retailer could access transactional information quickly and effectively. Mendix simplified integrating the latest data tools and technologies.

Replacing the existing Microsoft-based ERP and connecting different outlets to a core data channel improved the UX and customer experience. The client can use the time saved on operational tasks. This means better experiences for internal users, retail operators, and customers.

Nagarro and Mendix completed the project in less than a year. The result positively impacted business in areas from efficiency to market share.

Mendix & Nagarro: Turn-Key Technology Solution Providers

Mendix is the global leader in low-code software development. The Mendix platform is robust and collaborative, and built to reduce technical complexity throughout the enterprise. Nagarro is a full-service digital engineering, intelligent enterprise, experience, and design vendor and a trusted Mendix Global System Integrator (GSI) partner. Mendix and Nagarro use low-code best practices to create custom solutions for clients that deliver value and create efficiencies.