• sprintr update: A Message from the Founder
    We decided to launch sprintr as early as possible, hoping to quickly start collecting valuable feedback and collaborating with YOU, our users, to determine our priorities for future sprints and releases.
  • Jeff Sutherland at Dialogues House, Amsterdam
    Last week I attended a seminar given by scrum inventor Jeff Sutherland at the Dialogues House in Amsterdam.
  • 15 Years Ago I bought an ERP, What Are My Options?
    Every day thousands of companies are trying to maximize the functionality of their legacy ERP systems on very tight budgets, because, upgrading the system may not be a particularly feasible option. One solution to this problem involves adding a top layer of functionality and utilizing its [valuable] underlying components.
  • Seek And You Will Find
    As your project gets bigger and bigger, it becomes more challenging to find your way around. Fortunately, the Modeler offers several ways of searching through your project. There is a simple find option (Ctrl+F) that searches for text.
  • My Employees Want an Enterprise AppStore
    How can the adoption and maintenance of these applications take a note from consumer driven technology, but preserve its utility as a corporate asset?
  • Telecom Channel Portals 2.0: Commission Automation
    The final type of solution left to be discussed in the Telecom Channel Portals 2.0 series of posts is the commission automation app. This type of application, like the marketing portal and order entry portal, saves telecommunications organizations a significant amount of time and money.
  • Telecom Channel Portals 2.0: Online Quoting and Order Entry
    In part two of this series of blog posts, let's discuss another way for telecommunications organizations to improve business agility. Online quoting and order entry is an area of interest for channel managers at telecommunications organizations for good reason. These processes reflect the transfer of data and knowledge between sales stakeholders. In effect, online quoting and order entry modules offer fast return on investments.
  • Get visibility in the Mendix App Store!
    Since the Mendix App Store has been launched along with 2.5-beta, App Store content has been published at an amazing rate. The App Store already contains dozens of useful business components, technical components, widgets, and themes.
  • Insurance Networking News covers Mendix customer case: “Portals Ease Issuance of Reinsurance…
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • New in Mendix 2.4: Internationalization
    As of version 2.4, Mendix supports full internationalization of your applications. You can translate your application into the native languages of the end users. Each user can then view the application in their language of choice.