Access IoT Data and Insights easily with Blockbax and Mendix

Earlier this year Blockbax and Mendix became partners. The Mendix Blockbax connector recently launched in the Marketplace. Read on to learn more about the connector and to find out what kind of value this partnership will bring to you current and future Mendix application portfolio.

What does Blockbax do?

The starting point for Blockbax is data that comes from machines, sensor, or IoT devices. Blockbax helps customers with digitizing monitoring and inspection processes and using the collected data to optimize maintenance and repair processes. The insights gained from the data can in many cases form the basis for calculating predications based on historical patterns.

Blockbax is fully configurable so can be used to monitor any asset – equipment, machines, vehicles, buildings, grids etc. for use cases in a variety of industries.

An example of how Blockbax can be used to monitor the operational status
and energy consumption of tunnels


Blockbax is used for storing, visualizing, analyzing and combining real-time and historical data coming from assets our customers are responsible for. Blockbax is fully open and accessible through API’s, and can work with any hardware supplier, network, or protocol. This provides our customers will full flexibility regarding sensors and other hardware.

From data to actionable insights

An important concept within Blockbax is the ability to configure analytics that are applied to the incoming data in real-time. This allows our customers to transform raw data from their assets into insights on where and why their assets need attention, providing a shift from reactive to proactive operations.

For example, Blockbax can detect that the engine temperature of a pump is increasing and that a mechanic should proactively check what the cause of that problem is.

An overview of how Blockbax can be used to analyze data from any asset or machine, the ‘actionable insights’ and / or data can easily be integrated with Mendix

Low-code for sensor data

Like Mendix, Blockbax is low-code, which brings similar benefits in terms of time-to-market, flexibility, and the ability to have people with domain knowledge actively participate in creating solutions around sensor data. This shared approach with the Mendix Platform makes Blockbax ideal for Mendix engineers as they’ll be able to quickly learn how to set up the platform and integrate it with their Mendix applications.

How Mendix and Blockbax can be combined

Mendix and Blockbax can easily be integrated with each other, allowing Mendix applications to consume insights and data offered through the Blockbax platform. The main use cases for integrating both platforms are the following:

  • Start a workflow or business process in Mendix, based on events that are generated by the Blockbax platform
  • Show data from the Blockbax platform in customer portals or CRM-type solutions built on Mendix
  • Integrate data on customers, assets or contracts from Mendix to Blockbax

The Mendix – Blockbax connector will allow Mendix engineers to integrate data from Blockbax into their Mendix application without having to write any line of code. By importing this module and providing some credentials the data will be available for presenting or processing within Mendix.

An example of how an event generated by the Blockbax Platform is used to create a workflow task in Mendix

Register for this webinar to learn more!

Blockbax is hosting a webinar on June 1st, during which our solution architects will provide a demo of the Blockbax platform, explain how the connector works and show how it can be included in your Mendix applications.

Join them for an interactive session and learn how you can easily incorporate streaming insights from sensor data into your Mendix application by registering here!