The Blueprint for Operational Excellence: Factorise’s Journey with Mendix

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Factorise is a Rotterdam, Netherlands-based company dedicated to helping manufacturers bridge the gap between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). The company has developed shop floor management software tailored to enterprises seeking to optimize manufacturing processes and leverage real-time connectivity to shop floor data.

Data-driven operational excellence provides manufacturers with greater operational control, process efficiency, and faster problem-solving across all industrial functions. Since Factorise launched in 2022, their flagship platform contains adaptable, out-of-the-box integrations with OT infrastructure, edge devices, and cloud solutions tailored to shop-floor operational excellence.

Transforming shop floor processes into data-driven operational excellence

Factorise’s team shares a background in electrical engineering with 15 years of experience in low-code software development. Floor Van Gageldonk, the founder and managing director of Factorise, launched the company in 2022. The software firm selected Mendix as a strategic ISV partner the same year.

The choice was influenced by Van Gageldonk’s experience working at Mendix from 2008 to 2019.

“We selected Mendix as our platform for building and marketing our software due to their exceptional track record of success,” he said. “After witnessing numerous partners and customers achieve remarkable results with Mendix, we were convinced of its capabilities.”

According to Van Gageldonk, the Mendix platform empowers ISVs to deliver user-centric, secure, and scalable software solutions. It does so by providing low-code developers with:

  • Rapid development speed
  • Flexibility to deploy software in any cloud environment, including on-premise and private cloud configurations
  • Robust IP protection for core modules

“We trust Mendix to provide cutting-edge features that enable us to incorporate the latest technology trends such as AI/ML into our software,” Van Gageldonk said.

An operational excellence platform that optimizes factory production

The Factorise team has created a platform tailored to digital operation and excellence. The platform includes several suites of applications, including the Digital Lean Suite, the Production Performance Suite, and the Issue Optimizer Suite.

These solutions support data-driven problem-solving, streamlined collaboration and issue-handling, with follow-up actions enabled by real-time insights into production line performance.   

Serving large and small manufacturers with adaptable solutions

The firm’s integrated application suite differs from other digital solutions for manufacturers of any size in being highly adaptable. This enables Factorise to scale a common core of functionality across its customer ecosystem for seamless integration of data and functionality. At the same time, they can extend multiple point solutions to align with end-users specific operational needs.

Insights gathered by Factorise’s comprehensive platform are easily accessible on different devices, including web, mobile, and tablet devices. This ensures a consistent experience for users in the field, on the shop floor, or in the office.

Van Gageldonk added, “Mendix enables us to offer a modular approach. A customer can start with a single app and seamlessly add more as their needs evolve. This empowers Factorise to serve a wide range of clients — from smaller companies who benefit from our SaaS offerings to large enterprises — without concerns about IT architecture or corporate IT policies. The flexibility and agility of the Mendix platform are invaluable assets for our growth and success.”

Success for Factorise means empowering every manufacturer, including small, high-performing teams, to leverage comprehensive data to produce high-quality products with minimal waste.

“We intend to stay at the forefront of technology trends and continuously enhancing our software,” Van Gageldonk said. “By doing so, Factorise will lead the way to help manufacturers of every size achieve operational excellence.”

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