How The Config Team Scales SAP Warehouse Optimization

Logo of The Config Team

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The Config Team, the U.K.-based software consultancy, specializes in digital solutions for SAP supply chain, inventory, and warehouse management. Their award-winning PreBilt platform is the company’s flagship product. PreBilt enables rapid digital transformation and process optimization for enterprise customers using SAP’s warehouse management system.

As supply chain software specialists, The Config Team has been creating digital solutions for SAP customers across multiple industries for nearly 30 years. In May 2021, The Config Team became a Mendix ISV partner to expand their sales of the PreBilt platform to a global market. The Config Team’s platform now has 25,000 global users.

“We reviewed the leading low-code/no-code providers and Mendix stood out as one of the leading platforms,” said Mike Kay, partner manager of The Config Team. “The company’s relationship with Siemens was also a decisive factor. There is significant overlap with mutual SAP customers and the need to enable digital transformation for SAP customers.”

Kay describes access for ISV partners to the wider Mendix-Siemens network as a unique advantage. “The Mendix Solutions Gallery and ISV blog channel now enables us to engage with potential customers,” Kay said. “We never had that option before. And the ISV team is always open to ideas and feedback on how the program and mutually support both parties.”

Targeting SAP supply chain solutions

SAP recently announced the retirement of their ECC solution by 2027, leading customers in the supply chain and warehouse management sector to have new concerns about digital transformation.

With nearly three decades of SAP supply chain consultancy expertise, The Config Team is well-positioned to support customers by identifying and delivering the best option for their business needs.

It is always a best practice for enterprises undertaking digital transformation to review overall business processes. The Config Team’s PreBilt platform is considered an industry standard for mobile scanning requirements in such undertakings.

The Config Team created PreBilt with the Mendix platform, as a rapid-deployment, mobile/radio frequency (RF) solution. It facilitates direct integration to SAP, delivering real-time visibility of stock and inventory across a user’s end-to-end supply chain.

PreBilt is a unique offering for warehouse-fulfillment customers that manage inventory and e-commerce needs with SAP. A key product differentiator includes the platform’s direct integration with SAP and with its rapid deployment timeframe. The Config Team can deploy PreBilt within days.

Additionally, rapid configuration allows for customization to fit the unique needs of end users. Additional enhanced functionality may include analytics, gamification, augmented reality, and voice integration.

Core functions of the PreBilt platform integrate seamlessly with various warehouse processes with the customer’s SAP backend infrastructure and data systems of record.

These platform modules include:

  • Goods Receipt
  • Stock Enquiry
  • Stock Movements
  • Physical Inventory
  • Putaway
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Goods Issue

The future of warehouse operations

Looking ahead, the Config Team envisions the PreBilt platform as the ‘go-to’ mobility solution-of-choice for SAP-run warehouses, manufacturing sites, and distribution centers.

Innovation lies at the core of the Config Team’s strategic vision. They have already added many next-generation capabilities into the PreBilt platform. Features such as gamification, augmented reality scanning, enhanced analytics, and voice technology are available as standard features.

 “We are excited to see being adopted by more and more customers over the coming months,” said Kay. “The Config Team members are delighted to see initial warehouse projects turning into global rollouts across the entire supply chain estate of their customers. We are excited to see this momentum continue and grow.”

Partner for success

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