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To keep selected or not to keep selected: that is the preference

/ April 11, 2012

Today we want to highlight a feature that has a bit of history: “Keep active document selected in project explorer.”


Part of the preferences dialog (Edit > Preferences)

If checked, the document you are editing is always selected in the project explorer. If it is not checked, the project explorer is not updated but you can still quickly find the current document by explicitly clicking a toolbar button.

To Sync Or Not To Sync

Should the project explorer follow the active document? If not, you can jump to it using the 'Select Active Document' button.

During the finalization of version 3.0.0 we found that people can be divided into two camps: people who love it when the project explorer is always in sync and people who are annoyed by it. After trying out different defaults, we decided to make it a preference in the final version of 3.0.0. Now you get to decide!