Life Science Compliance Use Case

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Use Case Corner: Life Science Compliance

/ March 28, 2012

The past few weeks have been a busy time for Mendix engineers in the Life Science industry. It’s always interesting to learn new ways that various organizations are using the platform; clearly those with an immediate need find the more remarkable use cases. I thought I’d take this week’s post to channel a few of these into a blog post for the rest of the community.

Compliance is a top priority for Life Sciences, and Mendix offers a solution to fast changing regulations that appears to be second to none. Legal departments quickly realize the ticking time bomb they need to diffuse when millions of dollars are at risk, and regulatory compliance is one area where Mendix can literally save millions and cost next to nothing.

The Top Layer Defense

One enormous (read: subject to millions in possible penalties) pharmaceutical company is using Mendix as a top layer to harness data from various underlying systems, and quickly build the reporting apps they need on the fly.

I thought this was a pretty neat way of taking advantage of Mendix’s integration capabilities – the VP of Regulatory Compliance I spoke with had piloted Mendix with one compliance app and is now rolling it out as a catch-all for new Life Science regulations. She told me that regulations and reporting guidelines are constantly being changed, and having something in place that’s flexible and malleable enough to handle these various requirements gave her “a strong defense in her battle against fines and fees.”

The EUDA Migrator

There are a lot of big companies out there relying on End User Developed Apps (EUDAs) to manage alarmingly important data. Typically built as complex Excel workbooks or Access databases, these high-risk-low-cost apps create a single point of failure, a technical reliance on their creator, and in most cases – a headache to break apart and recreate in a more enterprise-friendly manner.

That’s where we started our conversation with one COO of a medium sized medical device organization. He was adamant about getting rid of the End User Developed Apps at his organization that had been in use for almost a decade. For these, we executed a quick two week project to combine, replace, migrate (and even extend) three apps of various sizes and functions. All of which held a similar responsibility when it came time to generate reports for the government. He’s happy with his new portal – it provides him access to all the Excel and Access apps he had been handling via email, even from his smartphone. This was simple app in Mendix with a huge impact on their future scalability and agility.

Like I said, when faced with compliance issues – few solutions combine the speed and cost that engineers can achieve with Mendix. For anyone who’s looking for a long term solution to compliance requirements – now you know where to go.

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