What’s Stopping IT from Leading Digital Transformation?

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What’s Stopping IT from Leading Digital Transformation?

/ October 8, 2014

In today’s wave of digital transformation, IT has the opportunity to lead business innovation but often struggles to keep up with the respective app delivery demands. With confidence in IT quickly declining, it’s imperative that department leaders take a harsh look at their agendas and move to align with their business counterparts.

In fact, the problem is so great, that budgets continue to shift away from IT. A report from technology consulting firm Avanade, indicates that 37 percent of “budgets allocated in 2014 for technology investments are now controlled by departments other than IT.” Even more concerning than the depletion of IT funds, is the general sentiment toward IT involvement. According to that same study, 69% of business unit leaders believe that they can make better, faster departmental technology decisions when IT is not involved.

Based on this study (along with countless others), it’s clear that the enterprise is in trouble. In a world where digital transformation is at the heart of every strategic plan, the business cannot expect to succeed without involvement from those who understand the inner workings of technology. To summarize, all businesses are now in the software business.

This transformation has given the CIO and the IT department as a whole an opportunity to redefine their role, reclaim their authority within the business, and influence future strategy and results. But change is hard and becoming innovative is even harder. However, it’s imperative that CIOs adapt and lead their teams in a new direction.

Luckily, digital transformation and IT innovation are hot topics. A quick Internet search will produce a variety of authoritative sources. A few such pieces include 10 Ways To Become a ‘CIO Plus,Digital Transformation By Any Other Name, and Deloitte CIO Survey 2014 (registration required).

While most articles have a unique perspective, there are many common themes. According to respected analyst and widely publicized IT author Michael Krigsman, meeting demands around digital transformation starts by getting closer to the business, and putting the right competencies, processes and technologies in place. For examples of such leadership, we turn to Michael’s web-based video show, CxO-Talk. Each week, CxO-Talk highlights CIOs who are inspiring change within their respective businesses. I’ve included a few examples below:

Lisa Davis, CIO at Georgetown University joined the CxO-Talk lineup. The conversation focused on innovation and transformation in higher education and the role of technology in driving future changes at the university.

Patty Hatter, Senior Vice President of Operations and CIO for McAfee, spoke about the importance of perspective when embracing change. Her unique role provides dual perspective – accelerating delivery of business priorities and driving operational effectiveness and scalability.

Interested in learning more?

Join us on Thursday, October 30th as Michael Krigsman shares his insight on this subject. Hear how industry leaders have successfully undertaken digital transformation efforts and how they are driving business innovation through modern app delivery. Leave with insight into how your team—and organization—can adapt and thrive in the digital era. Webinar attendees will leave with:

  • How IT roles are changing and what it means for IT leaders
  • Examples of IT leaders successfully partnering with the business and leading innovation
  • Tips for overcoming common obstacles and spearheading digital transformation

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