Digital Maturity

an Assessment

You have set your digital transformation goals but achieving them is another story. Using this tool will help you measure digital transformation success in your business. You’ll be asked to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1 being very early, 10 being very mature) around the four pillars of digital transformation: People, Technology, Portfolio, and Process.

Start Assessment
How strongly do you feel your current technology ecosystem is helping you meet your digital transformation goals?
Rate your company’s ability to leverage technology that meets your digital transformation strategy.
Low High
How would you rate your application portfolio on a rating of 1-10 (1 being just beginning, 10 being very mature) in addressing the following:
How would you rate your organization’s ability to assign value to and prioritize application backlogs according to your business’s digital transformation strategy?
Low High
How strongly do you agree: You have a consistent and repeatable governance model that’s focused on prioritization, building, testing, deploying, and maintaining your applications.
How strongly do you agree: You have scalable and formalized CI/CD methodologies and practices.
How mature would you rate the following roles on a rating 1-10 (1 being just beginning, 10 being very mature) in your IT/R&D department?
How strongly do you agree: Our teams display a consistent, collaborative approach between business and IT in developing applications.

Digital Maturity


When it comes to digital transformation, your organization is almost there. Almost. Creating a digital-first culture is a crucial step to achieving continuous digital transformation. Learn how you can do it from the experts. Watch now.

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You’ve made some progress toward continuous digital transformation, but this isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. You constantly need to be establishing new benchmarks, new goals. But where do you go next? Do you open a new revenue channel? Digitize an analog process for your suppliers? Learn how to balance your next digital transformation goals.

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You have the pieces in place for digital transformation, but the strategy isn’t getting off the ground. This happens. Only 8% of executives are proficient at both strategy and execution. You need to ensure your entire organization is not only aligned with your digital transformation vision but also engaged and using processes that help them create a portfolio of business-changing software. Learn how to develop your digital transformation strategy and execute on it. Read our Digital Execution Manual.

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Digital transformation is a challenge for your organization. You’re not alone, though. Nearly 70% of organizations fail at digital transformation projects, according to Boston Consulting Group. Talk to someone who understands what it takes to succeed at digital transformation. We’ve helped over 1600 companies achieve theirs. We will be in touch.

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