The term, a portmanteau of finance and technology, reveals which two fields intersect in this emerging industry. Fintech organizations are financial institutions and startups that engage with AI, blockchain, data, and other digital technologies.

What is an example of a fintech?

Common examples of fintech include cryptocurrency ledgers, robo-advisors, and payment apps. 

What is fintech in simple words?

A company that engages with finance through cutting-edge digital technology is considered a fintech organization.

What does a fintech company do?

A fintech company engages with finance through digital technology.

How do fintechs make money?

Revenue varies depending on the services offered. Transaction-based or interchange fees and subscription-based service fees are common revenue models.

Are fintechs better than banks?

Fintech technology is increasingly adopted by traditional banks, which means there’s often a great deal of overlap. Whether a traditional banking or fintech approach is better for a customer depends on the customer’s financial goals.