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Mendix Announces Winners of Mendix World 2014 Hackathon

Teams from Finaps, Saxion Hogeschool Take Top Honors for Building Best Applications for Terre des Homes in 24-hour Contest

BOSTON April 14, 2014Mendix, the app platform company for the enterprise, announced that teams of developers from Finaps and Saxion Hogeschool were the winners of the Mendix World 2014 Hackathon in the Professional and Student categories respectively.

During the 24-hour Hackathon, 10 development teams competed to build the best applications for Terre des Hommes, a children’s aid organization with 17 satellite offices distributed across Asia, Africa and South America. One use case was aimed at creating new ways for Terre des Hommes to provide donors with more transparency into how the organization allocates the roughly 23 million Euros it collects each year. The second application focus was on making it easier to share data between Terre des Hommes and its local partners. A third, open-ended use case allowed participants to build an application that furthers the Terre de Hommes mission statement.

After being selected for a finalist round by a professional jury, the winners were chosen by the public at Mendix World via online voting. The winning entrant in the Professional category was a team from Finaps, a provider of innovative business solutions for the financial services industry. Consisting of Christiaan Westgeest, technical business engineer, Tom Vranken, business engineer, and Jeroen Kesteloo, business engineer, the Finaps team chose to build an application that enables Terre de Hommes satellite offices to more easily share information with the charity’s home office. The application simultaneously will make it possible for the Terre des Hommes to know what kind of skills and resources are available in each of those regions.

The winner among the student entrants were Bart Demkes and Koen Demkes representing Saxion Hogeschool. They opted to build an application that makes use of news feeds from satellite offices that inform donors how their money is being spent on any given project while at the same time informing them about other potential projects worthy of additional crowdfunding.

During the Hackathon awards ceremony at Mendix World 2014, Albert Jaap van Santbrink, executive director for Terre de Hommes, noted that it was hard to tell the difference between the Mendix applications developed by the professional and student teams.

“We were thoroughly impressed with the impressive applications all of the contestants were able to create for our organization using the Mendix App Platform,” van Santbrink said. “They should showed a high level of understanding of the challenges we face, and built skillful, creative apps in just 24 hours.”

“The Mendix World 2014 Hackathon provided a great opportunity to help a charitable organization like Terre des Hommes solve real business problems quickly and efficiently,” added Gottfried Sehringer, vice president of marketing at Mendix. “It’s truly impressive how small teams can build complete and innovative apps in as little as 24 hours. That’s the power of Mendix and we’re glad those powers were used to help make the world a better place.”

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