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VitaTech Manages 18,000 properties and Slashes Maintenance Time by 45% Using Application Built with the Mendix Low-Code Platform

Innovative multi-channel platform “VitaConnect” is used by 1,200 employees and processes over 800,000 tickets a year

BOSTON – Oct. 9, 2019Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in low-code and no-code application development for the enterprise, today announced that VitaTech, part of leading Dutch maintenance and service company Van Dorp, is using its low-code platform to manage the technical maintenance of 18,000 properties. The innovative multi-dimensional platform, built with low-code technology and named “VitaConnect,” is used by 1,200 employees and processes 800,000 tickets per year, while offering a transparent and cost-efficient process for real estate owners, building managers, contractors, and information platform for tenants. VitaConnect combines real-time monitoring, proactive maintenance, and management, resulting in 45 percent time savings for the maintenance staff and improved customer satisfaction.

“We believe in being digital, and not only doing digital,” says Jacques van der Krogt, founder of VitaTech and Dapple.“We were not just looking for a way to digitize our processes or searching for a specific set of software. Instead, we wanted to change the business model of the entire installation industry and make it future-proof. Mendix’s low-code platform enabled us to build a platform to successfully measure performance, monitor real estate in real time, reduce the administrative burden for our technical employees, and deliver a truly transparent process in order to achieve best-in-class customer experience.”

VitaConnect: smart platform
VitaConnect is VitaTech’s main platform. Although VitaConnect defines 17 roles in three different categories — from regional director to contractor to business client — everyone uses the same platform. Using smart algorithms, VitaConnect prioritizes incoming tickets by looking at the client’s needs and nature of the complaint, and, using integrated GPS data, sends the nearest available technician to the location. The technician receives the ticket with real-time information via the application, and after he confirms the assignment, the tenant or property owner gets a notification that the technician is on their way. After the malfunction has been remedied, the invoice is automatically forwarded to the correct person.

No more wasted time on administrative tasks
The ticketing system is significantly more effective and transparent than the former phone-based and manual filing process. The technician does not waste time anymore on administrative tasks, since all paperwork is automated and the back-office is much less prone to errors. Furthermore, client satisfaction is drastically improved, since the tenant or building manager can easily submit a repair request and is not left in the dark about repair time.

“Our aim was to develop an easy-to-use application, which, on the one hand, ensures a very open process for the customer, and on the other hand, saves time for our employees,” states Van der Krogt. “It still is common practice in our industry to arrange a lot of things using pen, paper, telephone, and a joint mailbox, while a customer is used to ordering a pair of shoes in three clicks and knows exactly when the package will arrive. With VitaConnect, we wanted to create the same customer experience and make property maintenance futureproof.”

Built in six months
VitaConnect replaces a complicated app and tooling landscape with one single platform — while adding extra functionality for efficiency and more coherent reporting — and achieves environmental benefits through fuel savings and proactive maintenance. VitaTech built the platform in just six months with a team of 22 members. “The advantage of working with Mendix is that they don’t shy away from a challenge. Our business needs touched the limits of Mendix possibilities, but they were able to deliver, and supported us in a positive way to the best end result. And we are not done yet, since we are constantly improving the platform and have several projects on our technology roadmap”, said Van der Krogt.

Partnership with Dapple
Recently, VitaTech started a strategic partnership with Dapple, a proptech company that focuses on real estate management. “With this collaboration, we can not only digitize and improve the existing real estate maintenance processes, but also the real estate management processes. The activities of Dapple are an extension of Vitatech’s core business, and what could be better than joining forces and making the customer completely future proof?” Van der Krogt said.

This cooperation will again push the limits of what is possible with Mendix’s low-code platform, but this does not concern Bram Voogel, customer success manager at Mendix. “It is an opportunity to show that Mendix can deliver the needed building blocks, and thus can be a true value-add, for a new digital standard for future-proof building management.”

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