A New Era for Digital Mortgage Origination

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Digital mortgage origination: big growth, looming issue

Despite vast amounts of growth in the last 15 years, the mortgage industry still suffers from many of the problems it did back then:
  • Staff sizing based upon loan volume
  • 30-45 days to originate a loan (for most firms)
  • Continually-rising origination costs

With “demand for a consistent, digital-first borrowing experience” rising all the time, how can mortgage lenders fight off new disruptors, prepare for the future, and avoid revamping core systems all at once?

Watch this webinar on-demand and join leaders from AWS and Mendix to explore business and DevOps trends that are changing the face of mortgages in A New Era for Digital Mortgage Origination.


Digital transformation for business and IT


Meant for both business and IT leaders, this session will help attendees learn about the key strategies to accelerate ROI with the cloud and how low-code application development platforms enable critical transformation areas like intelligent automation, core modernization, and digitalizing customer experiences.


Panelists will discuss:


  • What role do cloud-native technologies play in streamlining customer experience and reducing cost?
  • What do firms need to consider when evaluating pandemic responses and how to deliver a consistent customer-centric (vs. product-centric) experience?
  • Where are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) offerings falling short today?
  • Is it wise to continue to invest in closed platforms in a world migrating to the cloud and open banking?
  • How does leveraging cloud and low-code application development platforms streamline sales and operations while lowering risk and compliance costs?