Reuters White Paper: Accomplish Personalized Insurance and Stand Out from Competition

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Every customer has individualized needs and every insurance carrier is rapidly shifting towards a personalized approach, with varying degrees of success. The key differentiator for those carriers succeeding in personalization is their transformation strategy – they plan with personalization in mind.

Discover how leading carriers are expanding their use of personalization, as well as how they are reflecting the unique approach to each customer with the tools, they provide to everyone from agents to adjusters.

Business critical insights are presented in this white paper from a panel of insurance experts featuring Mendix, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Nationwide. They discuss the challenges and opportunities for carriers to develop a personalized transformation strategy for their customers and their business.

Some key topics discussed include:

  • Build experiences for everyone: The one-size-fits-all digital experience is no longer sufficient. Eliminate pain points and create easy-to-use experiences across channels for both customers and internal stakeholders
  • Best of both worlds: Combine the knowledge of business and IT to maximize the success rate of your transformation projects with increased speed and agility, and refocus everyone on the challenges and objectives with the most business impact
  • What’s good for the customer is good for the carrier: From automation of claims and underwriting processes to AI-driven fraud evaluations, learn how more speed and more accuracy pay dividends in savings and customer retention