Achieving ROI with Digitized Business Processes

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Limitless Business Process Automation with Low-Code

The importance of automating paper-based and manual processes cannot be overstated. But once you digitize that inventory manager, automate your approval request process, or overhaul your customer onboarding process – what’s next?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear firsthand from businesses like yours, where we’ll discuss how to update your business processes with low-code and the limitless possibilities you can achieve with your business applications.

Learn as Mark Manning, Customer Evangelist at Mendix, sits down with Mendix customers who have digitized processes using Mendix’s low-code development platform, then identified new areas to automate and scaled out those apps to deliver more for their business.

You’ll learn:

  • How organizations like yours chose low-code over other systems such as BPMS and RPA to automate and digitize mission-critical business processes
  • Why leveraging low-code in IT helped to fundamentally change their organizations’ business visions and strategies
  • Tips and tricks for using low-code to improve your workflows