Build a Good App Fast with Mendix

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How to Build a Good App Fast with Mendix

Build an app? No problem!

Build a good app fast? I’d like to see how it works!

Visual development empowers developers of varying skill sets to build app solutions. Mendix Studio is a tailored environment for citizen developers or domain experts, while professional developers can engage in co-creation via Mendix Studio Pro. All application models are automatically shared bi-directionally between the two Mendix IDEs.

In this demo, you will learn:

  • Your go-to Mendix portal for free and latest training content.
  • The citizen developer journey:
    • Create your first app with Mendix Studio.
    • Add logo, colors and pages
  • The pro developer journey:
    • Access and complete your app using Studio Pro.
    • Add business logic using microflows.
  • The collaboration journey in Mendix:
    • Testing your app and add feedback.
    • Manage Sprints and User stories