Digital execution at the speed of innovation with Cloud-Native Low-Code

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Digital Execution at the Speed of Innovation with Cloud-Native Low-Code

For manufacturers, the digital transformation struggle is real
Digital transformation is great in theory. It promises manufacturers improved efficiencies, better collaboration across the business, greater control of the value chain, and accelerated outcomes. But in practice, it’s a different story. Research from Boston Consulting Group states that 70% of digital transformations fall short of objectives, “often with profound consequences.”


Initiatives most often stall due to high costs from IT management, customizations, integrations, and other particulars. To succeed in digital execution in a timely and cost-friendly manner, manufacturers need to change the way they develop applications in the first place.


View our on-demand webinar to hear from experts in digital transformation and manufacturing: Joseph Rosing, Global Smart Manufacturing GTM Solutions Leader for Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Sebastian Bersch, Director, Manufacturing Cloud for Mendix.


You’ll learn about:
  • New technologies to accelerate the digital transformation journey
  • How to scale industrial use cases with purpose-built machine learning and cloud services
  • A use case example of achieving greater agility in the quality inspection process