Digital Lending
Transformation Playbook

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Take Control of Your Mortgage Origination Process

Lenders haven’t been shy about trying to create automated lending processes. Even with that, they face customers wanting a better experience and disruptors that are taking more and more market share.

McKinsey states, “95 percent of home buyers would consider a one-stop-shop model for their home-buying journey.” It’s in that number where disruptors are having success. Process automation in lending isn’t enough. Customers want a one-stop-shop experience.

Building is too expensive and slow, and buying doesn’t create any differentiation. With a mountain of resource concerns, growing technical debt, and new players coming in all the time, what’s the right path?

That’s where the Digital Lending Transformation Playbook comes into play.

Low-Code: Bringing Lending Together

Many existing core systems can’t talk to each other, which means a fragmented experience for both your customer and your loan officer. But tying your processes together doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. That’s where low-code changes the game.

Read the Digital Lending Transformation Playbook to discover:

  • How the market is evolving
  • Why new disruptors are taking market share
  • How Mendix low-code is the platform to help you win now and in the future

Download the Digital Lending Transformation Playbook and develop a transformation plan you can put into action. Make your winning play today.