Industry Insights: The Right Product, The Right Merchandising Transformation

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A digital transformation that’s right for retail

Merchandising is the champion of retail success. It is the backbone of every retail operation. Through merchandising, retailers combine insights and creativity to provide the right quantity of the right product at the right place and the right time.
Watch us discuss the ways a digital transformation in merchandising can enhance your instincts and set your organization up for visionary results and customer satisfaction. Offer a personalized approach to your retail website, revitalize inventory with winning data strategy, and learn how even the most complex retail business operations can be optimized and streamlined with digital solutions.
Prepare your retail organization for a complete systems transformation.
Watch Michelle Gill, Vice President of Merchandising at The Container Store and former Vice President of Merchandising at Neiman Marcus, and learn where the art of merchandising meets the next generation of technology.
Attendees will learn:
  • How a retailer recognizes the need for a complete transformation
  • The best methods for retailers to gain access and share granular data across the organization, unlocking your full potential for inventory visibility, assortment selection, and personalization
  • What your existing spreadsheets and manual processes reveal about what your business needs for the future
  • How your existing team can achieve a successful digital transformation together