Innovation @ scale - building an innovation engine

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When discussing innovation, the picture of Steve Jobs, the innovation genius, comes to mind. Or ChatGPT, as an innovative technology. These are excellent examples of single innovation successes.

In this webinar, we cover what is perhaps most important: how to build an innovation engine that continuously delivers new innovations, new solutions to customer, new channels, and improvements to internal business processes. A key aspect is to leverage Fusion teams to bridge the gap between business and IT. Fusion teams are cross-competence teams consisting of members from the business, regulatory skills, and IT who work together closely to deliver business value to the organization. The old days of requirements and sending them to IT are gone.

Perhaps the most significant bottleneck to innovation is the need for speed. It’s critical to have fast feedback loops and to be quick to market. Fusion teams are a key approach, but to utilize them, teams will need to have a common platform and language.

We also discuss how to set up a bi-modal development approach and why innovation often fails.


  • Introduction – What is innovation and why does it often fail?
  • Framework for innovation
  • Why are Agile teams not enough for innovation?
  • Fusion teams – A key to building an innovation engine
  • Tools for co-creation and innovation – How to increase the speed of innovation
  • Bi-model development – Balancing incremental improvements and radical innovation
  • User examples – How have others increased co-creation and innovation?