Market Snapshot: Accelerated Digital Transformation Powered by Modern Enterprise Application Development

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Digital transformation is imperative for retailers to thrive

Learn the secret of thriving CP&R enterprises

Consumer Products & Retail organizations that turn to the next evolution of software development using an enterprise application development platform powered by low-code are flourishing amid an industry-wide “tectonic shift.” Find out why this strategic decision is the secret to their success in a new report by leading digital insights firm, Incisiv.

Across the industry, CP&R enterprises are strategizing on digital innovation so organizations don’t get left behind. According to Incisiv, 65% of companies plan on leveraging low-code in the near future.

In this report you will also learn about the top 5 trends making an impact in CP&R:

  • Digitization
  • Amazonification
  • Supply Chain
  • Consumer Loyalty
  • Cost Management

Discover how low-code creates resilient retail operations

Digital transformation is imperative for CP&R to thrive. Find out why low-code is sweeping the industry with this free report by Incisiv.

Learn how digital transformation can maximize your retail operations and delight modern consumers. Transform your business with reusability, composability, and the other benefits of low-code.

As enterprise application development platforms hit the mainstream, this report will get you up to speed on the most exciting opportunities in CP&R digital transformation.