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Win w/ Customer Experience:
CX Delivery Challenges

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Hit That Moving Target

With customer preferences changing and technology trends rising and falling, creating engaging customer experiences is like trying to hit a moving target. How do you innovate while maintaining? How do you prioritize and communicate features and feedback?

Mendix commissioned research to discover what the challenges of creating customer experience are, and how IT teams all over the world plan to overcome them and hit that bullseye.

Download Now: Understand the Disparity

Organizations know that customers need improved experiences. Delivering them is the challenge. This survey of over 500 IT professionals– IT leaders, enterprise architects, and digital transformation leaders—reveals exactly what the obstacles are and how pervasive they’ve become. Download and learn:

  • Maintenance vs innovation – Only 14% of organizations spend a majority of their budget on innovation. The rest is spent on maintaining legacy systems.
  • The more, the riskier – 64% of organizations claim that adding more programming languages and frameworks required to deliver modern CXes lead to higher security risk.
  • A failure to communicate – The top two reasons for being unable to deliver quickly and frequently lie in failure to communicate requirements well and integration proliferation.