Your #1 Tool for Effectively Onboarding Customers: Automation

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Drive revenue growth with a better customer onboarding experience

Effectively onboarding your customers ensures they find the success you’ve promised them — and in many cases, this experience is the first impression of your product or service that can influence retention and satisfaction. But traditional onboarding can be tedious, hindering your company’s growth and ability to win new business. The good news is, there’s a solution to this problem.

Watch this on-demand demo for a live-build of an automated onboarding process. You will see how Mendix offers high flexibility and robust reuse capabilities to make this initiative easier by streamlining and simplifying the development process.

Without an automated process, you have little visibility into your customers’ onboarding experience. But with so much data about your customers already in your landscape, it’s important to leverage integrations and build on this valuable information rather than letting it go to waste.

Register now to see how building with low-code offers:

  • Out-of-the-box functionality with Workflow to quickly build packaged business processes, reducing maintenance and delivering composable workflows
  • Data management with Data Hub, rapidly delivering applications with a data catalog
  • Interoperability with existing systems, making it easy to leverage data you already have
  • Intelligent automation for checks, reducing manual tasks and improving accuracy
  • Real-time visibility into the onboarding process

Customer interactions are critical to maintaining and growing your business. Without a seamless onboarding experience, you risk losing new business and frustrating customers.

Watch the demo now to find out why Mendix is the best solution for building an automated onboarding experience.