Digital Insurance Suite

Address the needs of insurance brokers and underwriters in areas such as new business onboarding, billing and payments, adjustments, claims and renewals. Provide flexible connectivity to existing core systems to add a modern digital portal that serves the evolving needs of digital insurance.

With the Humble Bee Suite you can create and launch your first product and associated processes within months to months connected to all of your core systems

The core of the Humble Bee solution is a framework with the foundation functionalities for the different insurance processes.

The solution provides a modular product configuration, with high reusability throughout the applications combined with a fully dynamic process completely determined on configurable business rules.

On top of this framework, the Humble Bee solution offers ready-2-use packages for Policy Lifecycle Management and for Claims management. Each Package is delivered as a separate Mendix app including modules for Dynamic Case Management, document management, and API management.

Additional Solution Capabilities

Explore the key areas of this solution:

  • Product Definition, Configuration and Pricing

    Define and configure a new insurance product within minutes and make it instantly available for brokers to quote to customers.

  • Fast and Customizable Implementation

    Maintain or extend your competitive advantage with an out of the box framework, enabling rapid customization to best fit your business needs.

  • Separation of functionality

    Perform actions or functionalities independent of the your Backoffice systems using Dynamic Case Management and API management.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Open API structure and managed integrations allow for easy connection with other enterprise systems, such as dedicated rating engines, external payment providers and even legacy systems.

  • Easy process management

    The Dynamic Case Management module provides a visual and reusable way of defining processes based on 4 easy conditions; Relevance, Start, End and Automation.

  • Work as you want

    You can chose to work in a portal, interface or just work on a task via API’s while still collaborate real-time in the same case as others.

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